Eliminate the need to buy all different kinds of light bulbs in various fittings. Our lamp adapters allows you to customize your lighting to your own needs, use any fitting on any sockets , extend the socket , turn the socket into 2 sockets and much more.
  Perfect for home / marine / commercial applications, handles up to 5 amps
  If you cannot find what you are looking for, doníŽt hesitate to email us with any special needs,
we just may be able to help !
E27 socket splitter
E27 extender
E27 extender
with twist
E27 to E40
E40 to E27
E27 to E14
E14 to E27
E27 to GU10
GU10 to E27
E27 to B22
B22 to E27
E27 to E12
E12 to E27
E27 to GU5.3